Many thanks to all of the distinguished guests featured on our series, unless otherwise noted interviewees are affiliated with the University of Virginia.

  • Niya Bates, Public Historian of African-American Life and Culture at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
  • Ian Baucom, Dean of the College & Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Mia Bay, Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Chair in American History at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dennis Childs, Associate Professor of English at the University of California, San Diego
  • Sonya Clark, Artist and Distinguished Research Fellow in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kyle Dargan, Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at American University
  • Robert Fatton, Jr., Julia A. Cooper Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs in the Department of Politics
  • Noelle Hurd, Scully Family Discovery Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Deborah McDowell, Director of the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African American and African Studies and Alice Griffin Professor of English Literature
  • John O’Brien, Professor of English Literature
  • Kwame Otu, Assistant Professor of African-American and African Studies
  • Brad Pasanek, Associate Professor of English Literature
  • David Thorsen, Tour guide at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
  • Mabel O. Wilson, Professor of Architecture, a co-director of Global Africa Lab (GAL) and the Associate Director at the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University
  • Lisa Woolfork, Associate Professor of English Literature

Below we provide the full version of each interview that went into the creation of “Notes on the State.” [Please note: the archiving process is still underway, this page will be updated as work is completed. Additionally, not all interviewees will be represented below, given that some interviewees opted out of archiving the full interview on our project website.]

John O’Brien and Brad Pasanek, Indexed Transcript (with audio) (Featured in Query 1: The Difference Jefferson Makes)