How to Listen

How to Listen?

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a radio show available on the internet. Podcasts are on-demand, meaning you can listen any time either (1) by streaming a podcast directly through a website (see our episodes page) or, (2) by downloading each podcast episode onto your  phone, tablet, or computer. Downloading allows you to listen at any time without an internet connection. To automatically receive podcast episodes downloaded to your mobile device, subscribe to the podcast via the iOS Podcast App, Google Play Music, or Third-Party App.

Subscribe via Podcast App (iOS):


Open the Podcast app (mobile) or iTunes store (desktop)

Search for “Notes on the State

Click “Subscribe

New episodes will download automatically to your mobile device or to the iTunes store on your desktop computer



Subscribe for Android

Open Google Play Music

Select “Podcasts” from the menu bar


Search for “Notes on the State

Click “Subscribe

Click the checkbox next to Auto-download (recommended) to automatically download the latest three episodes to your device.

Designate if you would like to receive Notifications and playback order.

Confirm subscription.

You can also download a third-party app such as RadioPublic or Stitcher and follow the same process

Queuing up the audio:

podcast app player

Open “podcast app” (iOS Device), Google Play Music, or third-party app

Find “Notes on the State” in your podcast Library

Select the episode of your choice and enjoy!

Controls and operation:

Click the banner in the bottom of the screen to expand the listening window

Use the controls to pause, fast forward/rewind (15 seconds), adjust the volume, and playback speed

You can also share the episode to your social media pages directly from the app